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100 Classical Guitar Pieces - History of the Classical Guitar

I tried to play the introductions or themes of 100 classical guitar pieces to show the development of classical guitar music chronologically. Of course it is too difficult to reduce a huge repertoire to 100 pieces and everyone has their own 100 pieces. I try to include as much composers as possible and I select their most popular pieces. Here are some points about my selection:

1) The list is chronological according to the birth year of the composer.
2) The youngest composers in the list were born in 1958. There are no younger composers.
3) I use the 4th string D for some D-tuning pieces such as Capricho Árabe and Sunburst. I also play scordatura pieces in conventional tuning such as Koyunbaba.
4) I play more than one piece for the following composers:
Bach (2), Carulli (2), Sor (3), Giuliani (3), Aguado (2), Tárrega (3), Barrios (3), Villa-Lobos (3), Rodrigo (2), Brouwer (2)
5) 13 out of 100 pieces are transcriptions which are important in the guitar repertoire. Can you think history of the classical guitar without ‘Asturias’? Narvaez, Milan, Mudarra pieces are vihuela transcriptions, Dowland, Vivaldi, Bach (Bourrée), Weiss pieces are lute transcriptions and Bach (Chaconne), Scarlatti, Albeniz, Granados, Malats, Bustamante pieces are piano transcriptions.
6) Because there are only 100 pieces, I couldn’t include many important composers. I am so sorry for the following composers that created great pieces for the repertoire: Adrian le Roy, Guillaume Morlaye, Enriquez de Valderrábano, Diego Pisador, Miguel de Fuenllana, Esteban Daza, Giovanni Paolo Foscarini, Francesco Corbetta, Giovanni Battista Granata, Ludovico Roncalli, Francisco Guerau, Santiago de Murcia, Padre Basilio, Fernando Ferandiere, Federico Moretti, Simon Molitor, Francesco Molino, Joseph Küffner, François de Fossa, Antonio Cano, José Broca, Luigi Legnani, Giulio Regondi, Zani de Ferranti, José Ferrer, Arnaud Dumond, Marco Pereira, Brian Ferneyhough, Milton Babbitt, Philip Rosheger, Magnus Lindberg, Helmut Lachenmann etc. I also couldn’t include some great arrangements such as Nazareth’s ‘Odeon’, Jobim’s ‘A Felicidade’ and Ramirez’ ‘Alfonsina y el Mar’.
7) I didn’t include any Flamenco pieces. This amazing repertoire should be played as
‘100 Flamenco Guitar Pieces’.

I would like to thank Bekir Küçükay for giving his ideas about the list, Ozan Can Yılmaz for giving me his guitar, Can Karadoğan for mastering and Sinan Cem Eroğlu for the video production.

Recording and Mixing by Sinan Cem EROGLU at SCE Home

Equipment: RME Fireface UFX AD/DA Converter, Daking Mic Pre, Brauner Phantom Microphone, Peluso CEMC6 Stereo Kit Microphone, Vovox Cables

Mastering by Can Karadoğan.

Project and Performance by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tolgahan Çoğulu
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This video is dedicated to my friend Lobna Al Lamii who was seriously injured as a result of the police terror against the peaceful people in Taksim Gezi Park on May 31st, 2013.
While this video was being produced, Lobna had been in critical condition with head and skull injuries for 24 days.
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1. Stanley Myers ( 1933-1993) – Cavatina (guitar – Norbert Kraft)
2. Francisco Tárrega (1852- 1909) – Recuerdos de la Alhambra (guitar – Norbert Kraft) [03:38]
3. Fernando Sor (1778-1839) – Allegretto from Souvenir de Russie, Op.63 (guitar – Wilma van Berkel & Robert Kubica) [07:51]
4. Joaquin Rodrigo (1901-1999) – Adagio from Concierto de Aranjuez (Norbert Kraft/Northern Chamber Orchestra/Nicholas Ward) [10:49]
5. José Luis Merlin (b.1952) – Evocacion from Suite del Recuerdo (guitar – Jason Vieaux) [21:14]
6. Antonio Lauro (1917-1986) – El Marabino (guitar – Adam Holzman) [22:48]
Video: Living Landscapes – Pacific Coast (Michael Heumann)
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