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Blues Guitar Lesson at for the rest of the video, the TABS, and the backing track.

My goal was to dispel the myth I hear a lot, which is that you need a ton of chops and great licks to sound good playing blues guitar. It can be simple, easy, and fun, while still sounding authentic.

In this lesson, I just wanted to show you a simple blues solo without too many fancy licks. It’s not that hard to play with a little practice and this can go a long way.

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A number of beginning guitar players have asked me about root notes on chords, and how they work, and why. It seems people commonly get confused with what the ‘low’ note is, and what the a ‘high’ note is on the guitar. This video will explain that.

Typically, the root note is the lowest note in the chord, however as you start using more advanced chords you’ll notice this isn’t always so. 9 times out of 10 though, the root note is the lowest, and in pretty much ALL of the chords that beginner guitar players use, the root note is indeed the lowest note.
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