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How to Play Slide Guitar: Tips for Total Beginners

Excerpt from the Instructional DVD, “Roots Music According to Justin Johnson: Slide Technique for 6-String in Standard Tuning.”
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“Standard Tuning” is the most popular and versatile tuning for the conventional 6-string acoustic or electric guitar. The large majority of Blues, Rock, and Popular Music is written and performed in standard tuning. It is, however, more challenging to play Slide Guitar in standard tuning. This DVD unlocks the secrets to seamlessly weaving classic slide riffs into standard tuning. This lesson set covers classic open chord riffs in standard tuning, complete songs, accompaniment riffs, rhythm riffs, slide technique, single-string melody playing, right- and left-hand muting, and much more.

Handmade 3-string guitars are often fretless, which means that in order to play chords and melodies, the player must use a finger slide to change pitch and add inflection. This 3-String Slide Guitar DVD will cover tunings, songs, riffs, beginner and intermediate slide guitar techniques, rhythms, and road-tested methods to mastering these instruments and developing slide guitar technique the same way many of the most famous and prolific musicians of all time did.
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Internationally touring Nashville recording artist Justin Johnson has been hailed by Guitar World as a “must-see act”, dubbed “The Wizard” for his mastery of stringed instruments, and recognized as Slidestock International Slide Guitar Champion. He has earned endorsements from guitar builders around the world, published educational books on music theory and technique, and released a series of instructional DVDs.

Justin Johnson Highlights:
•Justin Johnson has toured the world as a performing musician throughout mainland Australia and Tasmania, Europe, The United Kingdom, and coast to coast in North America.
•Justin Johnson’s original song “Midnight at the Crossroads,” from his ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ double album, was licensed to Florentine Films for Ken Burns’ documentary film “Jackie Robinson,” due for release on PBS in April 2016.
•”In the Pines” from ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ was licensed to ad agency Wieden + Kennedy for the “Dodge Brothers” national ad campaign for Dodge Motor Company.
•”Grinnin in Your Face” from ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ is featured on NPR Back Porch Music’s “Best of Back Porch Music Vol. 18: Old Enough to Know Better” 2015 Compilation Album.
•Justin Johnson is founder of “Roots Music School” in Nashville, TN. Under this umbrella, he has released an Instructional Series currently consisting of 5 DVDs and a book on Roots Music technique and theory. As Roots Music School founder, Justin Johnson has partnered with educators across the country to develop Roots Music curriculum for schools.
•First Place winner of Slidestock International Slide Guitar Championship
•First Place winner of Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival Guitar Competition
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