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JP Cervoni chats about being a

During his guest Open Counseling at MI August 28, 2012, JP Cervoni discusses and demonstrates what playing guitar is like being a left-handed player who also strings the guitar upside-down (i.e., “Albert King-style,” with the the heavy strings towards the floor and the high strings towards the ceiling).
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Left handed Guitar players do have Tons of guitar choices check this video out

great news for us left handed guitar players we have a ton of choices for the beginners and the pro guitar players and you know you dont have to spend a ton of cash to get good and great guitars but you have to shop around for the deals and for other brands. so many people will try and make you feel like its a right handed world well newsflash its not they will also make you think there are not many choices as well for the lefties and that is also total BS

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